About Us


T.j. – Pilot, Mechanic, Overlander, Fisherman, Mountain biker and provider of useless knowledge.
Bri – Co-pilot, Navigator, Mountain biker, Head cat wrangler and provider of unnecessary corrections.
Madley – She’s a Brittany Spaniel, Bri delivered her when she was born and life hasn’t been the same since! Princess of the crew, in her mind, too good for any of us.
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Brodie – He’s a Springer spaniel rescue from our hometown humane society. He’s a total goof, enjoys tennis ball chasing, cat grooming and is a true man’s best friend.
Jewels – Rescue from our hometown shelter. Queen of the crew. Enjoys eating and laying around. That’s about it.
Jack – Brother to Jewels. Enjoys sniffing shoes, laying in purses and purring like a diesel engine.